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The name of the organization shall be:  Plymouth South Panthers Booster Club, Inc.



The purpose of the organization shall be:

To encourage interest in and give support to all interscholastic athletic teams at PSHS.

To promote the health and welfare of student athletes at PSHS.

To recognize and reward student athletes at PSHS.



Membership shall be open to all supporters of PSHS student athletes.



Board Members

Each Varsity Team shall have one Member/Representative and one Alternate. Team representatives must have a son/daughter in that sport. Alternates should be representatives from the JV and Freshman teams. Vacancies shall be filled by a vote of the Booster board.  

Each Board Member/Director/Varsity representative shall have one vote.

Alternates shall be selected for each Varsity Team to vote in the absence of the Voting Member/Representative. Alternates should be representatives from the JV and Freshman teams.

Four student athletes may be elected to the Board. These students must participate in at least 1 sport. After attending two meetings, they may submit a letter of interest to apply to become a voting Member.


The Board of Directors shall be comprised of one Member per Varsity Sport, the Executive Committee, the Directors and four student athletes.


Executive Committee and Directors

The Executive Committee and Directors shall be nominated and elected by the Board of Directors on an annual basis, during the May meeting. Faculty and Coaches are excluded from serving on the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:

President                                             Secretary/Clerk

Vice President                                     Treasurer

Chief Financial Officer


The Directors shall consist of the following:

Director of Public Relations/ Alumni

Director of Fundraising
Director of Scholarship Fundraising

Director of Apparel

Director of Fall Concessions
Director of Winter Concessions
Director of Spring Concessions

Director of Athletic Team Liaison/ Membership

Director Webmaster


Meeting Quorum

50% of the Board of Directors shall be required for a quorum.



All general meetings shall be open to the public.

Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports shall be available to all Members.

Meetings will be held at PSHS on a monthly basis.


Committee Chairpersons

The Directors shall appoint all Committee Chairpersons.


Team Representatives

The appropriate Team Representatives may serve on the Athletic Director’s Selection Committee for filling Coaching vacancies.



The Fiscal Year shall be July 1st to June 30th.

Budgets shall be established by June 1st for the upcoming year.


Spending Guidelines

President/Treasurer             up to $1000.00 per request

Executive Committee           up to $2000.00 per request

Board of Directors               over $2000.00 *


* Any amount requested over $3000.00 must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum of the Board of Directors.


Two signatures shall be required for all checks in excess of $2000.00 (President/Vice President/CFO/Treasurer).


Receipts for all payments shall be required.

All spending shall be limited to funds available.


The Executive Committee/Board of Directors shall establish a short/long range plan for spending, based upon the needs of the sports teams in conjunction with the Athletic Department.




The President shall be the Executive Officer of the Club, shall preside at all meetings of the Board, shall call special meetings as necessary, and shall be a Member Ex-officio of all Committees.


The President shall appoint special Committees not otherwise provided for, shall supervise the activities and welfare of the Club, and keep the Members of the Club informed of all matters pertaining to the affairs of the Club. The President, along with the Treasurer, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, shall have the authority to sign all checks on behalf of the Club (see Article V – Guidelines).


Vice President

The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the President. The Vice President shall also be the coordinator of all Directors.


Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer shall be responsible for overseeing the financial reporting of the organization. The Chief Financial Officer shall also serve as Chair of the Finance Committee.



The Secretary/Clerk shall record and keep Minutes of all Board Meetings. The Secretary/Clerk shall keep a roster of all active Members, shall issue notification of all meetings and perform other related duties that are assigned by the President or Executive Committee.



The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds for the Club, shall receive all monies, and shall make all payments in accordance with the Budget. The Treasurer shall keep full and detailed accounts, shall present financial reports at the regular meetings of the Board, and shall transfer to his/her successor all books and financial records.



The Directors shall establish various committees for the purpose of carrying out any of the objectives as stated in Article II – Purpose.




These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the full Board of Directors at a regular meeting. Notice of By-law changes shall be distributed to Board Members at least two weeks prior to a meeting.



The Board of Directors shall not engage in or participate in any school/MIAA disciplinary action of Plymouth South High School.


Frequent absence of Executive Committee Members may result in removal from office.


There shall be no term limits to be on the Board as long as the Member is voted in during yearly elections and is in good standing.


Any Member or Officer may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, provided the Member has received notice stating the cause of such action.






These by-laws were amended and passed on May 2, 2013